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Working at Fly by Nite will see you become part of to a team that has of over 35 years of experience working with all manner of touring professionals. We employ drivers that are capable of the demanding and time-sensitive schedule of our industry. All of our drivers are on hand to direct the packing of their load and are ready and willing to go to great lengths to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently on tour.


We also cover a large quantity of corporate & exhibition events that also require the same level of attention to detail and passion that is required for the touring industry.

You need experience to come on board with us, but once you’ve met our qualifications and are on board, we will help you learn our way of trucking.

We transport High-Value production equipment for live shows, and Trade Show production equipment.

There is also the occasional freight load to relocate a truck along with some general haulage work in our quieter times.

Concert Touring is a completely ‘Irregular Route’ opportunity. We operate across the whole of the UK, Ireland & Europe.  We have also been known to travel to Turkey, Morocco and other countries within trucking distance of Europe.

No. Our trips cover all of Europe & beyond… Touring is very different to general haulage.

The perks of touring include access to venues for Showers and other sanitary needs. As well, traditional truck stop services are available to you on travel days.

We have a strict no passenger policy

We have a no pet policy given liability issue and incidents of interior damage to our trucks.

Yes – our workshop team can help with this.

We use toll boxes whilst out in Europe, this is all handled centrally by the company.

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